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Sogetsu Ikebana 1-2 (Chinese version)

Sogetsu Ikebana 1-2 (Chinese version)

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Thoroughly learn and master the basics of Sogetsu Ikebana, the flower pattern method.
Supervision: Akane Teshigahara

This is the first text given by the teacher on the day you want to learn Sogetsu Ikebana.
Themes 1 and 2 are composed of 20 frames each, and you can learn the basic "flower pattern method" of Sogetsu-ryu Ikebana, from basic Ritsushinkata to advanced ikebana.

Sogetsu Ikebana begins with a universal textbook.
There are three textbooks, "Sogetsu no Ikebana 1/2", "Sogetsu no Ikebana 3/4" and "Sogetsu no Ikebana 5".
While feeling the joy of holding flowers in your hands, you will deepen your understanding of plant materials, and you will be able to smoothly learn from the basic stages to advanced expressions without difficulty.

<Curriculum 1 | Flower type>

About 6 months (20 credits)
Learn the flower type method, which is the foundation of Sogetsu Ikebana.
* After completing the course, you can apply for a normal 4th grade certificate.

<Curriculum 2 | Hanagata>

About 6 months (20 credits)
You will learn applied flower patterns that develop basic flower patterns.
* After completing the course, you can apply for a normal 3rd grade certificate.

This book, the Chinese version of Sogetsu no Ikebana 1 and 2, comes with credit cards.

  • Release date: June 2021
  • Size: B5 size (top and bottom 257mm x left and right 182mm)
  • Number of pages: 128 pages
  • Language: Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)
  • Publisher: Sogetsu Cultural Business Publishing Department
  • Item number: C1030

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